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We are a growing group who practise Aikikai aikido with the help and guidance of Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan and other senior teachers of Kobayashi Dojos. We welcome all comers to visit ours dojos or to attend our seminars no matter if you have no experience of aikido, are already practising, are thinking of returning to aikido after time out or if you are practising another martial art.

Please use this site and the links provided to find information about us, our teachers, our seminars and details about our dojos.Aikido Kobayashi Dojos UK (KUK) is recognised by the world governing body for aikido (the Aikikai) via its connection to Yasuo Kobayashi 8th dan Shihan. We hold annual dan gradings during our summer camp. Our dan grades are registered with the Aikikai at the headquarters of world aikido in Japan. We hold regular training camps taught by senior Japanese and senior international instructors.(See the International instructors link)Our close links to other international Aikikai organisations allows members to make regular visits to international dojos.

We can offer the opportunity for members to experience the life of a live in student(uchideshi) in a professional Japanese dojo. Uchideshi training is an important part of Japanese martial arts culture. We are members of The British Aikido Board (BAB) which is the recognised governing body for aikido in the UK. All our instructors hold coaching certificates issued by the BAB. All our dojos have the legally required insurance issued by the BAB. All our senior instructors have trained in Japan and most have training in other martial disciplines.

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